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Dongguan Injection Molding company: Advantages of adding masterbatch in plastic parts
Upadta time:2013-9-9 11:11:26


Advantages of adding masterbatch in plastic parts by injection molding are as below:


1. Make pigment well-decentralized in plastic parts, pigment needs to be treated during masterbatch production to improve masterbatch decentralization and coloring power. The carrier of dedicated masterbatch is same as the category of plastic parts, so they can be well-matched, the pigment can well-distributed in plastic parts after heating and plastic melt.


2. It's helpful for keeping pigment chemical stability. If applied directly, pigment can directly contact with tha air when reserved and applied, it can absorb water, then be oxidated; While, if in form of masterbatch, the plastic carrier can isolate pigment from air and water to keep pigment long life service.


3. Ensure the stability of product color. Masterbatch grains and plastic grains are similar, which maker weight measurement more accurate and not easy attach to container when blended, masterbatch and platic can well-fixed, so amou

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