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  • Injection molding machine operation and maintenanc...

    1.Safety should be paid attention during injection machine operation, please check machine safety device, security lifting rod and security door when operating. During the operation, do not put your hands into the clamping device. security door should be open when withdraw products, only the persona

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  • Improvement of injection molds in fabrication and ...

    Safety is very important during injection process. It's meaningful to analyse internal connections for reasonable injection processing technology, reasonable manufacturing molds per part drawings and even select injection processing equipment. Precision injection has to be safe. they have difference

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  • Domestic injection molds need to develop in higher...

    Injection molds are mainly used for thermoplastic product molding, and are increasingly used for thermosetting plastic molding. Injection molding occupies great proportion in plastic product molding, therefore over 50% plastic molds are injection molds. While, with fierce home appliance market,

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  • Injection mold calories can affect production effi...

    There're 3 kinds heat transfer modes by fallout, convection and transmission, the heat calories brought by plastics is conducted 95% off by mold, and calories by fallout and convection is abuot 5%, during injection  processing, temperature change, the most important influential factor, affect

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  • The reason for transparency defects of injection m...

    Not all subjects are perfect, why do common-used injection molds have transparency defects? let's analyse the reasons. The transparency defects reasons: welds spots, silver marks, crack polystyrene and transparent products of PMMA material, through which the sparkling silver marks can be seen under

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  • INTERMOLD 2014

    The exhibition for die and mold manufacturing technology with: Metal Machine Tools Machining Tools Metal Forming Machines Grinding Machines Molding Machines of all kinds and related equipment Mold Bases Die & Mold Materials Die & Mold Working Systems High Speed Steels Cemented C

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  • Thailand demand for injection molding machine pick...

    Though Thailand floods disaster has passed by, European and Japanese manufactures removed their Asia production bases in succession. Thailand become the manufacturer transfer target, the transfer has fill the room of import from China in great extent, in another word, it impacts our export of inject

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  • Related knowledge about injection molding (2 of 2)

     3. Molding cycle The time of finishing one time injection molding is called cycle time, also named mold injection cycle. It actually includes below parts: a. Molding cycle, molding cycle directly influence production rate and equipment utilization rate. Therefore, during production, on c

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  • Related knowledge about injection molding (1 of 2)

     1. Temperature Control a. Barrel Temperature: the temperature to be controlled during injection includes barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature etc.The former two temperature mainly affect plasticization and flowability, the latter temperature mainly affect plastic

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  • Knowledge about plastic packing container (2 of 2)

     "05"-----PP (polypropylene) Oven food container apply this kind material, which is 130℃ heat resistant, poor transparent and only plastic container that can be put into the oven and used in circular after careful cleaning. The points to be paid attention is that, for some oven container

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