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Waste resin is transformed into washing machine barrels
Upadta time:2013/10/7 11:50:53

Dong Guan Yong Sheng Hardware Plastic Product Co.,Ltd:

Washing machine production is one of home appliance industry that consumes PP material extensively, the washing machine barrels, covers, bases and turbines are all made from PP material.


A washing machine manufacturer with annual output 1 million sets machines, consumes at least 3000T pp for barrels, together with base, turbines and housings parts, the plastic consumption will be up to 20000T.


Currently, domestic annual output of washing machines is about 12 million sets, estimated based on the data, about 0.2 million Ton PP will be demanded for washing machine industry, domestic material both in quantity and quality can not meet demands, therefore, the material of domestic washing machines all depend on material imported, barrels of PP is kinds of  high value-added products, enterprises will benift obvious from the development and production, so the methold arise to recycle waste pp material for re-production, of course, the water pp material are mainly from disassembled broken washing machine barrel, there's no essence difference in plastic recycle and re-production for home appliance and commen plastic, they are all recycled home appliance plastics, then disassmebled, categoried. Therefore, home appliance re-production technology is important part of home appliance plastic recycle. The biggest problem is surface black dot, the black dots are mainly inclusions and not molten material, which will effect surface appearance, so recycled material have to go through strict selection, rinse.

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