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What factors are related to the unstable dimension of injection product?
Upadta time:2013-7-29 9:10:24

  When we measure the injection product size, we will find that the product of last mold is OK, but it is not OK for the next mold. Why it will has the unstable dimension of injection product? Because the injection product size is related to many factors, any injection technological condition is unstable will cause the change of product size. So what is related to the injection product size?

   1. Injection plastic material is uneven, injection temperature is unstable lead to the unstable size.
   2. Unstable injection pressure and injection speed lead to the unstable size.
   3. Operating time of injection machine is too long, product shrinkage and change the viscosity of plastic material will lead to the unstable product size.
  4. Changes of dwell time, mold temperature, injection circle and so on will lead to the product size change.
  5. Unstable performance of plastic material lead to the change of injection product.
  Above are the factors to cause the unstable size of injection product. When the injection product size is unstable, it is likely due to the unstable machine. We can change the more stable machine to make it stable.If you know more knowledge of injection moulding,plesase hit :injection moulding

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